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Down the Home Stretch: Help for CBECC's to support full enrollment for UPK

With 16 days left until the 1st day of school, we know that many sites are still in need of enrollment assistance. This is a reminder that CBECCs can and should contact the DOE outreach team to become part of our facilitated enrollment effort. Our facilitated enrollment specialists are doing everything from identifying families, to moving applications, to entering data in pre-Kids to ensure children are registered for the first day of school.

Programs should immediately email Brian Fritsch at bfritsch@schools.nyc.gov to join the facilitated enrollment effort.

Children need to spend their most formative years with dedicated, educated, trained and well-compensated individuals in order to thrive in today's society. The PDI believe that is accomplished with the recruitment of a talented workforce, competency-based teacher education programs, innovative models of technical assistance, dynamic applied research strategies, effective public policy and adequate funding.

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    A New Policy Agenda

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    Summer 2014

Career Development Services Center

Helping aspiring and current early childhood professionals discover and achieve their career ambitions

Pre-K Teacher Preparation Project

Find a Job in a UPK Center!

Informal Family Child Care Project

Serving license-exempt providers with training and access to events, resources, and allies throughout the city

New York Works for Children

New York's Early Childhood Workforce Information System and Home of Aspire: New York's Registry for Early Childhood Professionals


New York's Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) is a statewide initiative that assists all types of early childhood programs in improving the quality of their services in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for children.

Children's Program Collaborative


Serving programs in New York City through intensive onsite coaching, innovative professional development, and technical assistance.

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Facing the Screen Dilemma:

Young children, technology and early education

A guide from the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. Helping you and the families you work with make informed decisions

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