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Head Teacher

Brooklyn Preschool of Science
Date Posted: 06/17/2020
Salary / Wage: $40,000 - $50,000
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Job Type:


We are looking for candidates who are willing to devote themselves to a science-based curriculum and create detailed weekly lesson plans following a monthly unit, based on themes like states of matter, how things move, plants in the neighborhood and other topics that jump off from science but include songs, literacy, math, social/emotional, and physical development components.

We search for teachers who enjoy being hands-on and are motivated to expand and enhance the curriculum that we provide, offering their own take on how to teach students about the focus topic. Candidates should be enthusiastic and look to engage with students in a respectful and caring way. They should be motivated to inspire students to have a love for learning, be friendly and energetic with their students and families. 

All Brooklyn Preschool of Science teachers become part of a larger community of educators and are expected to have strong communication skills and an ability to share ideas, take feedback to help strengthen their teaching skills and be open to trying new techniques in their classrooms. We have a diverse group of staff members who we treat with equity and respect, just as we treat our students and their families. 


Work hours are from 8 am-4 pm, Monday through Friday, plus weekly meetings and parent tours. Yearly salary based on experience. Here are some elements of the position:

Plan, execute and collaborate with other teachers on preschool curriculum and science-based curriculum planning on a daily basis.

Be in charge of safety, organization, and cleanliness in the classroom at all times. 

Prepare preschool classroom for students’ arrival and clean up when school is finished.

Manage all pickup, drop off, and visitors.

Facilitate nap time and assist with meals.

Plan and chaperone field trips and organize related paperwork in collaboration with the director.

Weekly observation, assessment, and evaluation of students.

Maintain a class website with photos, weekly updates for parents and calendar.

Organize and restock classroom, supplies, and storage area as needed

Supervise and work with the assistant teacher to provide engaging activities for all kinds of learners

Able to successfully manage the class to maintain a positive, nurturing, and respectful experience for all students and families. 


1-2 years as a lead teacher for a class of 12-20 preschool-aged students

Must have good writing and communication skills both with adults and children

Fingerprinting with the Department of Investigation

State Central Registry clearance

Current medical form including tetanus and PPD test

Three letters of reference

Diploma or official transcripts

Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s in the field of education or related field (Required)

Application Instructions:

Please submit a cover letter stating a little about yourself and some or all of the following: Why are you interested in working at our school? A little about your teaching experience/education background; What made you want to get into the field of education/work with young children? What do you find most rewarding about working with young children? Most challenging? Feel free to share a moment in your teaching career that stuck out to you or was meaningful to you. 

Please send cover letter and resume to BOTH Executive Director and Education Director listed below:  /

Additional Information:

Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, 8-4 pm
Hours per Week: 40
Employment Start Date: September 8th
Employment End Date: June 25th