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Health & Nutrition Safety Monitor

Cardinal Mccloskey Community Services
Date Posted: 06/17/2020
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Location: Bronx, New York
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Position Summary:   

The Health and Nutrition Monitor is responsible for monitoring the provision of comprehensive health and nutrition services for children 0-3 years old in the Network. The Health and Nutrition Monitor is expected to adhere to the regulations and standards set forth by the New York City  Department of Education,  New York City Department of Health regulations and all other applicable federal, state, and local entities as well as Cardinal McCloskey Community Services.


Position Responsibilities:

-Maintain a caseload of or about 30 providers

Health and Nutrition

-Ensure that parents are able to follow the recommended schedule of well-baby/child visits and oral health care; and that an adequate tracking system is in place to monitor well-baby visits

-Conduct a schedule of monthly visits to FCC provider homes to monitor compliance with CACFP and DOMH health and nutrition requirements

-Oversee the services provided by the CMCS Nurse and Nutrition Consultant, and meet monthly to review work plan at sites, plan health and nutrition education workshops for families, and professional development training for network staff

- Monitor food allergy action plans and health care plans, menu planning, food ordering, nutrition partnerships, and nutrition case management services, and professional development training related to health and nutrition for network providers.

-Ensure that infants and toddlers are fed according to their individual developmental readiness as recommended by USDA and CACFP; and that infants and toddlers are fed on demand to the extent possible in all CMCS EHS program options; also ensure bottle-fed children are never laid down to sleep with a bottle

-Responsible for ensuring that all health, nutrition, and health screening data is entered into the program’s database, in order to complete monthly reporting.

-Responsible for coordinating vision, hearing, and dental screenings with community providers for children in all EHS program options, ensure all children receive evidence-based vision and hearing screenings within 45 calendar days after the child first attends the program or receives their first home visit, and within 90 calendar days for dental, and facilitate timely follow up of results .


- Attend regularly scheduled agency safety meetings.

-Complete safety observations at each provider site monthly as per DOMH and DOE regulations.

Ensure all reports and records are maintained accurately and promptly.

-Complete safety and health check during each provider visit, providing immediate feedback and technical assistance if necessary.

-Ensure Emergency Preparedness Plans are complete and posted in all centers and practiced regularly.

-Ensure Emergency Response numbers are posted and that there are up to date family contact information and authorization for emergency care for each child readily available.

-Ensure all sites have a blood/body fluid clean up kit and first aid, monitoring that staff use them appropriately and that they are stocked on a regular basis.

-Complete Health Practices Observations at designated provider sites yearly.


Essential skills, experience, licensure, certification:

  • Minimum- Associates Degree or CDA , preferably related to public health/nutrition /Child Development
  • Knowledge of Head Start Performance Standards
  • Experience with ACS/ACF/UPK/DOHMH
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Computer proficiency

Valued but not required skills and experience:

  • Knowledge of child development and Early Childhood Education
  • Ability to work cooperatively within a team, and manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment

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