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Continuing Education Listing

The PDI Continuing Education Search is currently under (re)construction

We apologize for the interruption in this service. We are currently making improvements to our Early Childhood Continuing Education Search and will have this service back online soon. For information about finding a college or university contact our Career Center

This section contains a list of New York City programs that provide coursework in Early Childhood Education. The purpose of this search is to help individuals find Continuing Education programs in NYC and find certificate and credential programs of interest. There are two ways to search below:

Continuing Education Programs

  • Not all individual courses are listed - just a general list of titles of early childhood education courses that have been given in the past.
  • For up-to-date, exact information on early childhood education courses call or go to the Website of the Continuing Education department at a college/university in your area.
  • Continuing Education programs are separate divisions of a college/university.
  • Continuning Education courses can be credit or non-credit bearing.
  • These courses tend to be scheduled for evenings and weekends.