This Assessment Tool was designed to provide guidance as you consider pursuing a career in early childhood education. The following questions will help you assess and reflect on your interests and goals and align those with 1 of 5 possible Career Patterns for working with children. Please note that there is no right or wrong answer for this assessment. Although you may agree with more than one choice, you can only choose one letter, so click on the one that most closely aligns with your thoughts or beliefs and circle it. When you are finished, record your choices in the box at the end and see which Career Pattern reflects your choices.

Adapted from: Careers with young children: Making your decision. Authors: Judith W. Seaver, Carol A. Cartwright, Cecelia B. Ward and C. Annette Heasley. 1979. National Association for the Education of Young Children. Washington, DC.

It has been modified where appropriate to reflect updated language and/or fit the needs of this online assessment tool.