The Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Preparation Project

New York City, under the new leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio, is poised to dramatically increase the number of 4 year-old children served by high quality pre-kindergarten. The model under development would add up to 1,000 UPK classrooms in the Fall of 2014, throughout the 5 boroughs in both school-based settings and community-based organizations.

The PDI is partnering with the NYC Department of Education and 5 of the City University of New York's (CUNY) senior colleges to support the Mayor's plan to expand Universal Pre-Kindergarten throughout the city of New York. Our work involves helping to prepare current and aspiring Pre-K teachers for certification and connecting qualified (certified & uncertified) candidates with opportunities to teach Pre-K in the public schools and in CBOs.

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B-2 Certified Applicants

Individuals who already have early childhood certification should apply directly to the DOE online. Certified applicants should apply directly to the DOE at to be considered for employment.

Fast Track Study Plan

Uncertified individuals who have already earned a Bachelor's degree, are in progress towards meeting certification requirements, and are currently (or will be) employed in a Pre-K classroom of an early childhood program can apply to the CUNY Pre-K Teacher Preparation Initiative to be supported to complete an expedited study plan.

Selected participants will meet with an advisor to determine a plan for completing their remaining requirements to earn certification within a year. Participants will receive full academic, social and financial supports to assist them with fulfilling their study plan.

**NOTE: Participants in this initiative must either already be on a study plan or be study plan eligible, which is why it is required that they be currently employed. If they are currently unemployed, they can apply once they have secured employment**

CUNY Pre-K Teaching Scholars

Unfortunately we are no longer accepting applications for the CUNY Pre-K Teaching Scholars Project (Track 1).

If you are not yet certified, and interested in being considered for a Pre-K teaching position, you can still apply to teach Pre-K at a Community Based Organization (CBO), even if you don't participate in one our programs. Visit the DOE's website at to apply, and to learn more information about teaching Pre-K in NYC.

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Uncertified individuals who have earned a Bachelor's degree, and are interested in teaching Pre-K in the Fall can apply to participate in CUNY Pre-K Teaching Scholars (Track 1)- an accelerated, alternative teacher preparation program. Selected participants will make a full time commitment beginning in June 2014 to work in a Pre-K classroom while attending classes in the evening for the 15 month duration of the program. Upon successful completion, the candidate will have earned a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education and NYS certification in Early Childhood (Birth - Grade 2).

Non-Participant Study Plan Teachers

Uncertified teachers that are otherwise qualified may still be eligible for hire as a PreK teacher in a CBO, even without participating in one of our programs. Filling out the DOE's application available at will make your information available to directors/hiring managers at CBO programs seeking to fill positions in their UPK classrooms.

To learn more about this project, visit or contact our Career Develpoment Services Center:

Career Development Services Center

Raedell Wallace
Career Services Project Manager
(718) 254-7353

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