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Teacher Activities

Games and Activities for Children:

The following website links contain fun ideas for educational games and activities that you can try in the classroom and at home.

Educational Game and Activity Sites - Cool Culture makes it possible for over thirty-five cultural institutions, including museums, botanical gardens, and wildlife centers, to be visited at any time without charge or contribution. Cool Culture is specifically designed to help low-income families overcome the obstacles that prevent them from visiting arts and cultural institutions. Cool Culture currently works with families and staff in over 250 Head Start and city-funded group and family child care centers throughout the five boroughs. -Kids Smart offers information, resources and practices so parents and teachers can integrate technology into their homes or programs. The website is available in eight languages.

Resources for Early Childhood Special Education Teachers

The following website links contain fun ideas for Early Childhood Special Education Teachers and other service providers

Activities for Reading Comprehension - The site contains sign-language materials for hearing-impaired children such as phrases for signing at school; an alphabet line in sign language; basic signing for childcare providers; sets of cards for basic signing vocabulary; and more.
Different Roads to Learning - contains a complete resource for ABA materials for children with autism spectrum disorders.
Get Ready to Read! - is a national program to build the early literacy skills of preschool children. The website contains a screening tool that educators can use to assess the early literacy skills of children with disabilities.
KidSource - is an online community with a variety of resources including a compilation of articles divided by topic. In this section you will find documents on Learning and Other Disabilities that have information and advice directly relevant to preschool children.
Let’s Home School - is a free educational resource for parents and teachers that contains educational software and other materials for children with special needs.
The Drive for Rebecca - contains a special needs caregiver survival guide and useful strategies for teachers and caregivers.
Preschool Zone - Resources for Early Childhood Special Education- contains a database of teaching ideas organized by topic and available for download. It also provides useful links to research and articles on early childhood special education.
Resources for Early Learners - A list of useful software and recommended websites for early childhood special education teachers from the Resource Materials and Technology Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
Speech Therapy Activities - The site has a variety of printable activities and ideas for parents and educators and children with speech and language impairments of all ages.