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Kuei Luck Preschool
Date Posted: 10/27/2020
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Location: REGO PARK, NY, New York
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The Educational Director is responsible for overseeing all operational and program planning of the Preschool. Responsibilities include supervision of Preschool, Curriculum Planning/development, staff training, family relation, community support, and supporting the needs of the Preschool.

The Director shall possess energy, passion, and strong leadership skills to promote a warm and nurturing environment for children, parents, teachers, and community alike.


  • Oversee all aspects of the Preschool, including daily operations & administration, teacher hiring, and parent relations
  • Oversee the implementation of a Reggio-inspired educational philosophy for the preschool
  • Responsible for ensuring that preschool is compliant with local Health Codes
  • Supervise and train the Teachers and Administrative staff.
  • Oversee all professional development for the preschool staff and coordinate with outside consultants on educational matters
  • Develop and coordinate teacher orientation, training, and annual evaluations
  • Facilitate parent communication and the daily distribution of Life Cubby App
  • Assist teachers with tasks as needed (e.g. guidance on setting up appropriate activities, portfolios, administrative tasks, parent meetings, etc.)
  • Set student and teacher class assignments annually
  • Coordinate the writing and distribution of all ongoing e-mail communication with families
  • Responsible for working with the Executive Director on all budget items for the Preschool, including annual budget submission, monthly budget updates, and ongoing oversite of the preschool budget
  • Must be familiar with ECERs, ITERs, CLASS rating system


  • Warm and Nurturing;
  • Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field required;
  • State Teaching Certification in Early Childhood Education or related field;
  • 2 or more years as a Group Leader experience for children under 6 years old;
  • Firm understanding of the Emilia Reggio approach;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Demonstrated strong supervisory, management, mentorship, and interpersonal skills;
  • Solid working knowledge of Early Childhood Education and NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene, Article 47;
  • Experience in a management or supervisory role