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Office Assistant

Date Posted: 05/28/2024
Location: Canandaigua, New York
Salary/Wage: $16.00 - $18.00 an hour
Job Type: Full-time
Work Arrangement: Onsite




The Office Assistant is responsible to support the overall efficiency of their site office. He/She is accountable to their site director. He/She will also follow directions given by the Executive Director when applicable. The Office Assistant will conduct him/herself in a professional manner when communicating with the organization as well as outside the organization, keeping in mind he/she is representing CCDP. This position is a salary, non-exempt administrative job. Rate of pay is commensurate by education and experience in a related field. 




  • Proficiency with computer operations including database, spreadsheet and word processing software; capability to systematically organize computer files to ensure accurate and complete record keeping
  • Associate's Degree in Business Management or a related field
  • 3 years direct experience as an office manager in an organization similar in scope to CCDP; or
  • A relevant combination of education and experience.


Essential Functions and responsibilities

  • Data entry such as parent accounts, DSS, parent information, center information
  • Collects and enters at the end of the month paperwork for CACFP, DSS, Enrollment (for capacities) and OCFS. 
  • Assists Director with scheduling and ratios
  • Assists Director with intake/enrollment paperwork for families
  • Assists Director with Onboarding paperwork of new staff if needed
  • Assists with monthly requirements such as fire drills, evacuations, and shelter in place
  • Maintains security cards (Cdga) for families and staff and badges for visitors and staff (Cdga and CS)
  • Assists Director with OCFS licensing guidance, policies, and procedures
  • Monitors and enters training hours of staff for OCFS records
  • Prepares requisitions ($50 or more) for office, program, building, and other necessities of the program for review by Director
  • Manages credit card transactions, parent accounts, and deposits. 
  • Manage yearly fundraising efforts
  • Perform and complete any task that may be assigned by the site director/executive director in a timely manner. 


Non- essential functions and responsibilities

  • Assist in classrooms to maintain ratios at time
  • Present a training at a professional development day
  • Assist with food production and storage


Evaluation of Job Performance


The Administrative Assistant will undergo a formal yearly evaluation, conducted by the CCDP Site Director.  The aforementioned responsibilities and duties as outlined will serve as the basis for evaluation.  The CCDP Director will provide the Administrative Assistant with an evaluation report within two weeks of the evaluation and in turn the CCDP Administrative Assistant will acknowledge receipt by signing the report.

Application Instructions:

Contact Barb Barkley, HR Manager at

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