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Children need to spend their formative years with dedicated, educated, trained and well-compensated individuals in order to thrive in today's society. The PDI believes that is accomplished with the recruitment of a talented workforce, competency-based teacher education programs, innovative models of technical assistance, dynamic applied research strategies, effective public policy and adequate funding.

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  • Publications

    Browse our collection of guides, books, briefs and other publications aimed at providing high quality, thought provoking information for teachers, families, policy makers and all stakeholders in the field of early childhood.

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  • Institute Workshops and Professional Development

    Workshops offered by the Institute

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  • Professional Membership Organizations

    Find and join organizations that offer guidance, resources, and support for early childhood professionals.

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  • Policy & Advocacy Organizations

    links to representatives, government agencies, advocacy groups, and other resources to help you advocate for high-quality early care and education.

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  • New York Agencies

    Contact information for Regulatory agencies and CCR&Rs

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  • Libraries, Museums, Zoos and Parks

    Links to a wide variety of cultural institutions around the city

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  • Early Childhood Special Education

    Our introductory guide to special education services for young children. This guide coves Ealy intervention as well as care options for preschool and school-aged children.

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